June 22, 2024 at 14:30 on Embassy of Russia (Rua Visconde de Santarém 71, Lisboa) there will be a 🙋 64th Weekly protest

🙋 48th Weekly protest

March 2, 2024 ⏱ 14:30
Embassy of Russia, 📍 Rua Visconde de Santarém 69, Lisboa
🙋 48th Weekly protest

In two weeks, mass falsifications will take place in Russia, which Putin calls elections. In response, virtually all opposition forces have agreed and are conducting an action called Anti-Putin Noon.

The idea of the action: regardless of views and attitudes towards participation in this procedure, we are gathering in lines in front of polling stations on March 17 at 12 o'clock. This is the only remaining legal way to participate in a mass action against Putin for those who are in Russia, and we support them in this.

The main goal of the action is not voting, but delegitimizing the regime, so in parallel, we all sign the petition Usurper:

Besides calling on the international community not to recognize the election results, this also serves as a form of alternative vote counting against Putin.

As Alexei Navalny, who supported this action, said, "in this campaign, agitating is more important than voting."

Therefore, your participation in this action is important: not only to come yourself but to convince several people to come too at 12 o'clock on March 17 to the polling station.

Also, help the organizers of the action - ask your favorite bloggers to talk about it.

You can participate in the action in any way: it unites all the main opposition forces under the principle "Everyone has their own noon". Those who wish can vote for anyone but Putin, some may spoil their ballot, and others may boycott the criminal and illegitimate procedure that the Putin regime calls "elections".

The main thing is to gather at 12 o'clock in the line near the polling stations.

If you do not want to enter the embassy territory, - as you approach the entrance, move to the end of the line. If you find it possible, - wear clothes in the white-blue colors of the anti-war flag, bring flowers of such colors, or use Noon symbols.

Remember, if you have received or are in the process of receiving political asylum, as well as if you are or may be wanted for anti-war activity - you must not be on the territory of Russia (including embassies and consulates).

Agitate, participate, help!

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