June 22, 2024 at 14:30 on Embassy of Russia (Rua Visconde de Santarém 71, Lisboa) there will be a 🙋 64th Weekly protest

🙋 53th Weekly protest

April 6, 2024 ⏱ 14:30
Embassy of Russia, 📍 Rua Visconde de Santarém 69, Lisboa

Today marks the anniversary of our weekly demonstrations. For a whole year, we have been gathering here every Saturday at 14:30 outside the Russian Embassy in Lisbon.

Reflecting on why we hold these rallies, we remember the bitter anniversary - 2 years ago, we were shocked by footage of the Russian army's atrocities in Bucha and Irpen. Today, we aim to make a significant impact.

We are highlighting the Orphans Feeding Foundation and its founder, Mariam Lambert. They recently celebrated their 2nd anniversary in their mission to help Ukraine. In these 2 years, they've succeeded in repatriating 36 children to Ukraine and evacuating 112 people from frontline areas, including Bakhmut and Soledar.

We're supporting their Bring Kids Back UA program and encourage others to do the same. Donation link below.

Our second focus today is the Venezuelans' international protest for fair elections. Putin's recent self-reappointment, masquerading as an election, mirrors dictator Nicolas Maduro's plans for July 28.

Maria Corina Machado has been unfairly barred from the Venezuelan presidential election by the government.

The Venezuelan authorities are obstructing the registration of the united opposition candidate, Professor Corina Yoris, supported by Maria and winner of the primaries.

More than 5 million Venezuelans abroad are being denied registration for voting, citing lack of voting machines.

The motivations for the protest are:

- Support for Maria Corina Machado, denouncing that her political rights continue to be violated. And at the same time, the arbitrariness of the Maduro's regime in not allowing a unitary candidacy represented by Professor Corina Yoris.

- For the cessation of human rights violations, political persecutions and arbitrary arrests of the members of the Campaign Command of the Maria Corina Machado's political party.

- Due to the requirement of electoral conditions to be able to vote abroad. Venezuelan embassies and consulates around the world are violating the right to elect more than 4 million Venezuelans who are able to vote.

Remember, the 2018 Venezuelan elections were not recognized by Europe, the U.S., and most Latin American countries. Additionally, there are about 300 political prisoners in Venezuela.

In Russia, the number of political prisoners has reached several thousand.

Join us on Tuesday, April 9, for a screening of “The Dmitriev Case.” This film highlights the struggle of an elderly historian against the Russian government's erasure of history, leading to his imprisonment for 15 years. After the film, we'll discuss the preservation of historical memory and Russia's historical policy.
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