June 22, 2024 at 14:30 on Embassy of Russia (Rua Visconde de Santarém 71, Lisboa) there will be a 🙋 64th Weekly protest

🙋 44th Weely protest

February 3, 2024 ⏱ 14:30
Embassy of Russia, 📍 Rua Visconde de Santarém 69, Lisboa

A union of foreign agents is being formed, what should the others do? From the queue for hope to the queue against Putin.

You are watching the news from the weekly rally at the Russian Embassy in Lisbon. Today is February 3, 14:30.

This week we saw another example of the benefits of uniting efforts. The Russian consul tried to influence the authorities of Thailand to achieve the extradition to Russia of members of the rock band Bi-2 who support the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Russian oppositionists, cultural figures, lawyers, as well as diplomats from Israel, Australia, America, and other countries helped the musicians. We also helped to draw public attention. According to the politician Maxim Katz on Alexander Plushev's channel, the situation was miraculously resolved successfully, and all the musicians, including those who only had a Russian passport, flew to Israel.

According to the head of the "Russia Behind Bars" foundation Olga Romanova, speaking on the same channel, the Putin system will now want revenge and will continue to try to forcibly return those citizens who have left, back to Russia.

On the Mediazona channel, journalist Sergey Smirnov talked about a new law on the confiscation of property by politically motivated cases.

On February 2, a congress of foreign agents began in Berlin. The congress's goal is to provide mutual assistance and support to "foreign agents". "These are people designated by the regime as enemies of the people ... for dissent," said Anastasia Shevchenko, the organizer of the congress.

The situation with Bi-2, new laws, and the experience of Belarus show that Russians abroad will not be able to hide. Those who close their eyes to what is happening and do not participate in the fight against the evil spreading from our country may find themselves without support in difficult situations. Remember the experience of unions, help each other, our opposition, and, first and foremost, help Ukraine.

On January 31, Boris Nadezhdin, a candidate for the presidency of Russia, submitted the best 105,000 out of more than 200,000 collected signatures to the Central Election Commission. In Lisbon and Porto, there was also a signature collection that we supported with spreading information and our passports. There's no need to be upset that signatures from abroad were not submitted, as the task of the Central Election Commission of Russia is not to comply with the law but to remove unwanted candidates for Putin, and it uses all of candidate mistakes.

Remembering all 24 years of Vladimir Putin's ruling Russia, as well as the 2020 presidential elections in Belarus, it's clear that Putin will not give up power. Therefore, hoping to win in elections where votes are counted by criminals in power is pointless. The main task of the campaign for the upcoming pseudo-elections is the delegitimization of the regime.

Join in supporting and spreading the "Usurper" petition, in which united Russian democratic forces demand compliance with PACE Resolution №2519 and the cessation of contacts with Russian authorities. Link in the description.

And on March 17, we will come together to the polling stations for the "Noon Against Putin" action, which this week was supported by Alexei Navalny.

We have another piece of good news: the collection for transportation expenses for new volunteers of the Siberian battalion is closed. Thank you to everyone who participated.
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