June 22, 2024 at 14:30 on Embassy of Russia (Rua Visconde de Santarém 71, Lisboa) there will be a 🙋 64th Weekly protest

🙋 45th Weely protest

February 10, 2024 ⏱ 14:30
Embassy of Russia, 📍 Rua Visconde de Santarém 69, Lisboa

Citizens claim that Putin is a foreign spy. Is €50 billion for Ukraine a lot?

You are watching news from the weekly rally at the Russian embassy in Lisbon. Today is February 10th, 14:30.

On February 8th, brave female citizens of Russia and supporters of the public figure Svetlana Lada-Rus filed a statement against Vladimir Putin to the FSB, the State Duma, and the Federation Council. They demand an investigation of his actions for state treason, espionage, and foreign influence. In their statement, they used everything that Russian propaganda says, but shown that it is Putin himself who is a threat to Russia's sovereignty and security with his decisions and laws. They claim that "in the country, by force ... a constitutional order not declared by the Constitution of the Russian Federation was established — totalitarianism."

They not only sent the appeal themselves but also called on supporters to send this statement to the same institutions, as well as to protect human rights defenders and unite. Since the recording of this appeal, their Telegram channel "People's Tribune" has almost doubled in size.

On January 30th, the "Committee-2024" Facebook group published a response from the Central Election Commission (CEC) of Russia to the collective statement of citizens. Based on 320 complaints about violations in the collection of signatures by Putin for his nomination, it proves the invalidity of more than 75,000 signatures. This is more than 23%, but instead of disqualifying Putin as was done with Boris Nadezhdin, the CEC started threatening the applicants.

Such appeals are useful because they help gather evidence of power usurpation in Russia and also show the presence of citizens dissatisfied with the government, thereby motivating new people to resist the regime.

The united democratic forces continue the campaign to delegitimize Putin. Sign the "Usurper" petition and help ensure that when Putin is no longer spoken to or traded with, he ceases to be useful to his surroundings. Then he can be handed over to the International Criminal Court. Link in the description.

In Ukraine, Russian troops continue to kill civilians and destroy residential buildings, hotels, cafes. Recent shelling of Kyiv and Kharkiv, fires, casualties. On January 22nd, actor Vladimir Fedinchuk was killed in battle.

Former Ukrainian Defense Minister Alexey Reznikov said that the war costs Ukraine $100 million a day.

On February 1st, leaders of all EU member states agreed on a €50 billion aid package for Ukraine for 4 years. Of this, €33 billion are loans and €17 billion are grants. The money is intended to cover current expenses, including salaries, pensions, and infrastructure reconstruction.

Military aid from the USA is delayed.

The total amount of donations collected in 2 years of full-scale invasion on the official website of the Ukrainian fundraising platform United 24 recently exceeded $600 million. Your donations Ukraine will not need to repay after the war ends.

Help activists and help Ukraine!

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